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My family: I have lived in the Wayzata School District with my husband and three children for the past eight years. My children currently attend middle and high school in the district. Wayzata has so much to offer, there is something for everyone. We love it here! I have a vested interest in the success of our students and our district.


Career and Experience: I have a bachelor of science degree in biology from Duke University, and previously worked as the manager of a neurobiology laboratory at Duke Medical Center. I am currently a volunteer canine trainer for the Minnesota State Task Force, and I work full-time at a local distribution company. I've been a long-time volunteer in the district and wider community. 

Through my volunteer work, I have gained a deep understanding of our community's concerns and aspirations. Since joining the board, I also have a greater appreciation of the challenges and accomplishments of our district. I feel fortunate to work with, and be a conduit between, the caring and competent parents, staff, and administrators of our district. I aim to foster an atmosphere of transparency, inclusiveness, and cooperation that enhances the quality of education for all.



Sheila Prior FOR

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